The International Slavic University G.R.Derzhavin allows transfer of students from other universities at ISU. Transfer within the faculties at ISU is also allowed.

The competition for transfer is announced twice yearly:

  • at the beginning of the winter semester
  • at the beginning of the summer semester

Every student from other universities from the Republic of Macedonia and abroad are allowed to transfer. The candidates are enrolled without an entrance exam.

How does the process of transferring work?  Како се прави трансферот?

Before the transfer you need to submit transcripts from the previous faculty. Afterwards, the dean will overlook the transcript and you will be informed how many of the exams you have passed at the previous faculty will be admitted.

Depending on the number of exams you have passed and how many of the subjects overlap with our program, it is determined which subjects will be admitted and what year you will be enrolled in.

Provided, you enroll in second year, there will be probably exams from our program that you will have to take from the first year (differential exams). You can take the exams in one of our four sessions. (two regular and two extraordinary). The exams that you have to take from the previous faculty are paid 1000 denars each (time payment). Provided you don’t pass the exam the first time, you don’t pay again, you maintain the right to take the exam.

Participation Партиципација

For every student the fee is equal, therefore the same rules are applied for all the students that transfer from other universities.

Accordingly, you pay the fee only for the years you will study. If you enroll in second year, you pay only for the second year and the following years.

We offer the possibilities to execute payment in installments and discounts for payment in cash. The same benefits that the regular students have, are also applied to the transfer students. For the given benefits and discounts, check the menu for Fee.

External or regular ?Вонреден или редовен?

The candidates can be enrolled as regular or external students with self-financing the studies.

The regular students are obliged to attend classes, while the external students have an obligation to attend only the final exams. As external students usually enroll people who are in a working relation and don’t have the time to attend classes.

Those who will enroll as external students are obliged to submit confirmation that the person is in a working relationship or a medical confirmation which explains the reason for not being able to attend classes.

The regular students and the external students study with equal self-financing, i.e. the fee remains the same.

Necessary documents for transfer 

At the enrollment of transfer students on the first cycle of studies, the candidates submit the following documents:

  •  Transcripts for passed exams;
  •  Diploma for passed state, school or international baccalaureate;
  •  Transcripts from high school  свидетелства од сите години;
  •  Birth certificate;
  •  4 small color photographs;

The documents for the application are submitted on the premises at the International Slavic University G.R.Derzhavin in Sveti Nikole st. Marshal Tito no.77 or at Bitola st. Novachki pat no.16

Do you have questions? Имате прашања?

For additional questions visit our web page for Common asked questions  or contact us through the given form below. We promise to reply as fast as we can!

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