Computer systems and networks (3+2) – Old Program

Study program Computer systems and networks (3+2) old program

Important: This study program is no longer active. Please check the new study program.

Study program: Computer Systems and Networks
Faculty: Faculty of Computer Science
Degree: Bachelor’s degree / undergraduate / first cycle
Location: Sveti Nikole or Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia
Student status: full-time or part-time
Duration of study:  3 years (6 semesters)
Total number of courses: 24
ECTS: 180
Awarded degree: Bachelor of Computer Science
Tuition fee per year for international students: EUR 2030

This study program provides students with extensive knowledge and helps them understand how software can be controlled on one or more computers, taking into account reliability, networking and operating systems. This is a study program that will help students acquire good programming skills.

The courses concentrate on practical and applicable content such as programming, computer architecture, computer networks, operating systems, software engineering, and application programs. The studies last three years, and the study scope is 180 ECTS.

The program will study the basic communication models, protocols and their basic architecture, ways to transfer data, portable media and resources, data encoding, data communication mediators, data link control, technology, architecture and systems … The program is mastering the theoretical foundations for the operation of computer networks, as well as acquiring practical skills for managing them.

Within the three-year studies, 24 courses are covered, which students need to pass. Each semester has 2 required and 4 elective courses. Of the possible 4 elective courses, students choose only 2 – and this is chosen between the first and second elective courses, i.e. between the third and fourth, and so on. For example, only one item is selected – or no. 3 or no. 4 (unless otherwise specified).

In the below table Un. elective means a university elective course and the same rules apply to the selection of these courses as for standard electives.

After graduation, you will be awarded with a Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

Study program • three – year degree program


Faculty of Computer Science
Study program – Computer Systems and Networks, 180 ECTS
Bachelor of Computer Science
1 Basics of Programming Required 8 240
2 Application Programs Required 8 240
3 Algorithms and Data Structures Elective 7 210
4 Mathematics Elective 7 210
5 English Language Elective 7 210
6 Theory of Information Elective 7 210
7 Computer Architecture Required 8 240
8 Object – Oriented Programming Required 8 240
9 Spatial Information Systems Elective 7 210
10 Computer Engineering and Management Elective 7 210
11 Essentials of Economics Un. Elective 7 210
12 Basics of Computer Science Un. Elective 7 210
1 Computer Networks 1 Required 8 240
2 Visual Programming Required 8 240
3 Management of IT projects Elective 7 210
4 Software Engineering Elective 7 210
5 Development of GIS Systems Elective 7 210
6 Computer Systems Security Elective 7 210
7 Databases Required 8 240
8 Operating Systems Required 8 240
9 Computer Graphics Elective 7 210
10 WEB  Design Elective 7 210
11 Essentials of Management Un. Elective 7 210
12 Business Psychology Un. Elective 7 210
1 Computer Networks 2 Required 8 240
2 Internet Technologies Required 8 240
3 Development of GIS Systems Elective 7 210
4 Fundamentals of Intelligent Systems Elective 7 210
5 Information Ethics Elective 7 210
6 Computer Systems Security Elective 7 210
7 Project work Required 8 240
8 Advanced Computer Network Design Required 8 240
9 Human-computer interaction Elective 7 210
10 Wireless and Mobile Technologies Elective 7 210
11 Logical Design of Information Systems Un. Elective 7 210
12 Fundamentals of Intelligent Systems Un. Elective 7 210


Enrollment requirements

We can only enroll students who have completed at least four-year secondary education in the Republic of North Macedonia or abroad with passed state, school or international matura exam (matriculation examination) or an equivalent.

The students should prepare all of the required documents, which may depend on the country they come from. The international students may need to submit their secondary school diplomas for nostrification at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia. This should be done at least a month before applying for enrollment at our university.

The admissions process does not include entrance exams at the undergraduate level.

Required documents for international students

When applying for enrollment on the first cycle, candidates should submit the following documents:

For international students additional documents might be necessary. Documents for applications can be submitted at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzavin” in Sveti Nikole, at the following address “Marshal Tito” No. 77 , and Bitola at the following address “Novachki pat” No. 16.

Tuition fees

Candidates can enroll as full-time or part-time students. The tuition fee per year is EUR 2030. International students pay the whole amount of the yearly tuition fee at the beginning of the academic year.

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