Why study safety engineering

You will study at the first and the only Faculty in North Macedonia

North Macedonia has followed European trends in safety at work and fire. Nowadays there is an evident need for experts to carry out work in the field of health and safety at work and fire safety.

Our faculty is the first and only Higher Education and Research Institution in the Republic of North Macedonia of that kind.

Here your career is secure

It is a duty of employers to implement the law of safety and health at work, so they are obliged to hire engineers for safety at work and engineers for fire safety..

More and more employers of domestic and foreign enterprises are seeking for graduate engineers from our faculty, which is unique of its kind in North Macedonia. It gives us the right to say that this faculty will be the Faculty of the future, and the growing interest of students is the prove.

What about “After graduation”?

The Diploma of the Faculty of safety engineering provides a wide opportunity for employment in small, medium and large enterprises (industry, construction, transport, forestry, agriculture, trade, catering, water supply, etc.) Ministries, educational organizations, research organizations, inspection authorities etc.

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