Cvetanka Mitrevska, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

The Faculty of safety engineering belongs to the group of the most elite and most prestigious institutions in the field of safety and security from fires. Today it is a modern scientific-educational institution, with a clearly defined mission, vision, objectives and programm determinations.

It is known that scientists ask “why?” and engineers ask “why not?”. In reality, science and engineering are related, especially in the field of safety engineering.

The Faculty will enable education of professionals in the field of Health and Safety at work and Fire Safety, with objective for more efficient and successful implementation of European legislation, of the norms and standards of the European Union, the International Organization of labor and the World Health Organization in the field of worker`s safety and health at work.

The students on the faculty of security engineering will gain knowledge and skills that can apply in various fields and areas of safety at work and fire safety.

The mission of the Faculty as an educational research organization is to be constantly innovative in the teaching content, to use modern methods and techniques of education through research processes, educate youth and quality experts in the field of safety at work and fire safety, able to be leaders in the development of protection to equipment and people.

Education on the Faculty of safety engineering covers a range of development of modern and contemporary technology, in line with European trends of technical security.

The role of the Faculty of safety engineering еis to design, investigate and develop innovations in safety at work and fire safety.

The vision of the Faculty is to develop into a modern European academic institution recognized by the scientific and research achievements as part of the integrated European higher education and research, established by internationally recognized experts.

The aim of the Faculty is to enable leaders , to ensure progress in safety equipment and workers in enterprises and institutions in line with European directives on safety and fire.

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