European credit transfer system or ECTS

The lectures of the faculties at the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” are organized according to the European credit transfer system (ECTS)

This system allows the proper establishment of the final grade on a certain course because the points  from the overall activities and the engagement in the lectures, exercises, midterms and exams are covered, as well as the additional activities like term papers and independent work (research, creating, developing and realization of projects and etc.)

Every course has a different number of (ECTS) credits. At the ISU the mandatory courses are evaluated with 8 credits, and the elective with 7.

Every semester evaluates 30 ECTS credits, which means that one academic year evaluates 60 ECTS credits. This number represents the sum of the credits from the courses that the student attended (and passed) during the academic year.

Accordingly, the three year studies have 180 credits, and the four year studies have 240 credits.