The goal that we have taken is the betterment of society through continuous innovations in education, research, entrepreneurship and creativity.

 A Unique Experience for a Better Future

We want to create a unique educational experience for all our students that focuses not only on developing and enhancing their professional skills, but also on their ability to solve problems, and to gain leadership and communication abilities.

Free Exchange of Ideas

In future we will continue to create an environment that will inspire the exchange and understanding of new ideas, where research innovation and creativity could be freely developed and upgraded and where the individuals reach their maximum potential.

Continuous Growth and Development

In order to develop additionally and to provide quality teaching process, activities are currently being undertaken to promote, create and establish:

  • continuous development of the teaching and scientific staff and development of the students through their active role in various student activities;
  • innovative system for awarding scholarships;
  • system for monitoring student internship through collaboration with entities, private and state institutions and public institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc.
  • communication system, consultation and cooperation with other higher education, scientific and research and related institutions;
  • control system for monitoring the teaching and scientific process by the governing bodies of the university and
  • monitoring current developments, both locally and regionally, as well as globally by providing access to electronic databases of all relevant areas.

Together is better

We promise that we will stive more regarding deepening our partnerships with the existing ones, but also opening common fields for cooperation with new organizations.  Strengthening local partnerships will mean mutual support and sharing of acquired knowledge, while international partnerships will help us to get to know and understand other cultures, traditions and customs.

ISU 2025

ISU 2025 strategy is generally aimed at fulfilling the conditions and enabling the vision of the founder to become a reality through the realization of the goals and at the same time sticking to the values that are set as the basis of this higher education institution.

The university has set ambitious goals for growth and development. The goals may be similar to those of other universities, but the difference is in the way they would be achieved.

We plan to realize part of our vision – and that is to be a bridge between cultures through the organization of international scientific conferences that promote dialogue between the cultures and the West. At the moment, the university is working hard to realize this part, and in future the dialogue is planned to unite even more nations and cultures, in order to exchange even more ideas. The university considers the importance of the fact the opinions of many parties to be heard, in order the universal academic standards to be established, the standards which will be characteristic and will help a unique model of study to be created.

In terms of quality education, the university plans to allocate even more funds for the modernization and equipping of existing, and also new laboratories and cabinets. Both campuses had undergone a complete renovation over the few last years, mostly in 2018. Therefore, the university plans to set up new interactive content, through which students can continue their studies out of class.

ISU Realizer

In future ISU is planning to provide an appropriate creative room, called ISU Realizer, where students will have access to various equipment (musical instruments, computers, robots, theater equipment, photographic equipment, etc.), in order to be able to create and generate ideas and by doing this to realize their ideas during their studies. At the beginning, ISU Realizer will be opened in Bitola, and after the test period, it is planned to continue with operation in Sveti Nikole. Depending on the way things go, ISU Realizer will be enriched with more equipment from several areas.

The university also continuously invests in digital platforms, which allow students to access all aspects of their studies in a relatively short period of time. Digital platforms will also be complemented by more lectures, online workshops, webinars, opportunities for direct video communication student-professor and the opportunity for the students to follow the lessons with the help of virtual reality equipment, in order to be able to achieve higher academic success in a short time period.

Strengthening the University Spirit

Building the university spirit is also an important part of the operation of the university, which plans to continue investing in sports teams and competitions. In future, the university will also strive to strengthen the university spirit by providing material and moral support for the establishment of new clubs within the university (riding club, marketer club, robotics and artificial intelligence club, Robotoff, etc.). As a young university, it is crucial that ISU covers this part in order to continue to develop into a university with rich cultural opportunities, history and tradition, a university which invests into the in society and in the interests of its students.

Our goals are set, the strategy has been already implemented, and the path to success has been already defined. In the process of implementing the strategy, the suggestions and ideas of our students are taken into account.

Thank you for being part of the International Slavic University!