ISU with campuses in Sveti Nikole and Bitola

Today the International Slavic University (ISU)  has two campuses in Sveti Nikole and Bitola, which is a second home to more than 2000 students.

5 Faculties and Institutes

Our university is comprised of five universities and two institutes (Institutes of Engineering Economics and Institute of Culture and Art). Our students spend most of their time at university and therefore it can be said that during their studies the faculty becomes their second home.

Live Your Vision

We have been here for our students since the founding of the university. We will help you to discover your interests, develop your own talents, master key skills…We will help you to live your vision.

We are here for you

Our Career Center will take care to guide you toward your future profession and give you unreserved support during your studies.

We will be Your Second Home

We are open to all of you – visit us, take a walk around our campuses and you will find activities to make you feel like yourself in every step.  We have premises for learning, socializing, collaboration…During your studies, these places will be your second home.

There are premises of over 6500 m2 available for teaching activities in Sveti Nikole and Bitola.

Within these premises, the following facilities are included: conference hall, amphitheater, lecture halls, laboratories, halls for workshops, halls for seminars, fully equipped library with a reading room, student’s cafe, bookshops, etc.

We encourage you to be Part of a Greater Whole

We encourage our students to be actively involved in the operation of university, and through the Students’ Association, they can be part of the organization of various cultural events, conferences, seminars, humanitarian actions, student exchanges…

Professors are your Colleagues and Friends

Our teaching staff is always in a positive, professional and friendly mood to work with students. They are always available and every student gets an access to their contact details (phone and email address) along with the E-learning user account.