About the Faculty

Faculty of Psychology – 16 years of existence

The Faculty of Psychology was founded one year after the founding of ISU. Since 2005, the year of its founding, our Faculty of Psychology has helped the students to gain knowledge about seeing the world and events from different perspectives   and develop skills that improve the lives of the people around them.

Faculty of Psychology offers four-year undergraduate studies and one-year and two-year graduate studies.

Knowledge and skills come first

The Faculty of Psychology at the International Slavic University „G. R. Derzhavin” offers you the opportunity to learn from one of the best professionals in the field of psychology. You will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly help you become a psychologist ready to face the challenges of today’s life!

It is important how you use your knowledge

The dedication of the students to their professional development provides them with an opportunity to gain quality theoretical knowledge in the field of psychology. In addition, it also helps them learn how to improve, check and re-examine their own knowledge and other people’s opinion because they will work with people and this kind of profession requires to be flexible, adaptable and to be able to cope with high demands. In other words, we try to teach the students ‘hot to fish ‘rather than ‘giving them the fish’.

Contemporary programs for contemporary psychologists

The module General Psychology at the undergraduate studies and the modules Clinical and Counseling Psychology and Psychology in Social Care at the graduate studies have been accredited according to the latest world trends in the filed of psychology and this means that you will study psychology through state-of -the- art study programs.

Theory + practice = great combination

The Faculty of Psychology offers not only theoretical training, but also practical exercises. Depending on the study program, the practical exercises might be incorporated into the study process itself, or students might be recommended to do internship in schools, mental health centers, clinics, centers for social work and many other institutions. The internship is usually done during the summer months.

The faculty also organizes many seminars, workshops and events with external collaborators and distinguished experts from the field of psychology. These additional activities are of great value to our students and to the teaching process.

International cooperation

As staff, we are supporters of the idea of life-long learning, personal and professional growth and development, and therefore we are eager to learn and apply the best practices from European and international experiences.

The student exchanges we organize, give our students the opportunity to visit psychological research centers and monitor the work of foreign professionals in the field of psychology.

We promise that in the next four years, our academic staff will enable you to:

  • understand the complex mental processes;
  • get to know yourself better;
  • develop analytical skills;
  • advance your own mental health;
  • develop skills to deal with stress;
  • learn how to conduct scientific research in various areas of this broad discipline.


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