Sasho Manasov, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

We are living in a world of globalization when quality and knowledge are more important than ever. Informatics, knowledge, academic specialty knowledge, opens all the gates around the world. That is why it is extremely important what kind of practical knowledge will the student acquire after finishing his/her studies.

There is a shortage of quality IT staff all over the world. Employment and professional engagement in companies and institutions is always related to the practical knowledge of the candidate. Hence why at the very beginning at almost every company, candidates undertake a test period – they are given a certain project, a task they have to get done, and depending on their abilities they will either be hired or not.

The Faculty of Computer Science within the International Slavic University is always following the trends of today. Practical knowledge is our priority task, with the sole purpose that the student will be able to get immediately involved in the work engagement of the current company or institution after graduating.

At our faculty, we have equipped computer laboratories (modern software and hardware) through which practical work allows the students to be trained to successfully enter the world of computer knowledge. In the past three years, our graduate students have already worked (over 90%) in institutions and companies both in Macedonia and abroad. The students that applied for a job at foreign companies in Macedonia had great success, where the students knowledge is of utmost importance. Also, our students who already work in several countries outside Macedonia, inform us that their diplomas are recognized everywhere in the world.

This academic year we opened a new state-of-the-art laboratory for biometric research, in which students will be able to practice working with biosensors to measure human subconscious reactions. These laboratories can be used by the students of the faculty of economics (neuromarketing) and the students of the faculty of psychology (neuropsychology) – undergraduate studies, and master studies. The biometric laboratory will also be used for scientific research projects (multidisciplinary research).

This confirms our successful practical teaching and one other challenge, for the seniors to enroll at our Faculty of Computer Science.

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