University centers

Career center

The University Career Center is always available for all student needs.

Center for International Relations

Each year the Center for International Relations sends about 30 students to student exchanges in Russia, Bulgaria and Serbia and hosts students from Russia every April.

Office of Student Affairs

Students rated this service as highly motivating because of their strong communication skills and professional attitude to work.

IT Center

The information center also cares about the university's image on social networks, creating new content and making photos and videos for them.

Institute of Engineering Economics

The main task of the Institute of Engineering Economics is to foster professional advancement and innovation in society.

Institute of Culture and Art

The main activities of the Institute for Culture and Art and its main function is scientific research and educational activities.

Additional services and centers

Publishing house and bookstore

International Centre for Slavic Education is the name of the official publishing house of ISU.

Students radio

If one day you want to build a journalistic career or want to see "the other side of the speaker", you are welcome to our radio!

Bureau for Safety Assessment

Our team aims in a professional way to assist employers in implementing the Law of Safety and Health at Work.


The restaurant has been working within the International Slavic University since 2007.


Our university provides a group of administrative services through the campus in order to improve the student`s life and the student`s experience. Our purpose is beside the administrative functions for the students, to provide a range of other services that will complement and facilitate their academic experience.


These centers are integral members of the university and are necessary for its internal functioning.

  1. Career Center
  2. Center for International Relations
  3. Center for student information
  4. Information technology Center
  5. Info Center
  6. Library
  7. Student`s Union
  8. Institute of Culture
  9. Institute for Engineering Economics


These service centers are not necessary for the functioning of the campus, but they give one special feature of the university and make every academic year interesting for the newly enrolled 2,000 students. Our services are various and cover many different areas:

  1. Publishing house
  2. Bookstore
  3. Conference Center
  4. Student`s Radio
  5. Office for safety estimation
  6. Handball Club
  7. Restaurant
  8. Student`s buffet