We are open to students from all over Macedonia and abroad. At our University, there are students from Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, Croatia… Studying at the International Slavic University can be a wonderful experience for you – to learn new things and connect with people from many countries.


Studying is associated with new discoveries, unknown issues and various ideas. Student years are ideal for research, innovation and creativity. Discover what’s possible if you try to achieve your dreams!

At the Slavic University, we understand your ambitions for research and we support them. We will work together to transform ambition into results that will change the lives of many people.

Discover your common points with the Slavic University, take the chance that you have been given.


Time when “only the sky was the limit” is long gone. We already know that we can go far beyond the sky, to explore further and make discoveries that change lives. From day to day it becomes clear that the possibilities are endless – all you need is to try to use them.

You, as a student will be part of an intellectual society that will prepare you to use your ideas for making changes wherever you go, whatever you do.


Славјански е едно од местата каде учењето не мора да биде монотоно.

The Slavic University is one of the places where learning does not have to be monotonous.
Through the student`s union, you can get to know your colleagues. You can share your ideas, collaborate on projects, attend practical classes or simply to socialize.

Contacts with more people will be important for your future career by developing your communication and social skills.