The students have to enroll each semester separately.

The enrollment of the winter semester begins from 1st of September and last until 30th of September every year.

The verification of the fall semester is in Januarywith the student’s record book and a proof of payment. If the semester isn’t verified in the given deadline, the student will not be able to register for exams, neither take final exams and will be compelled to pay a penalty.

The penalty for untimely verification of the semester is MKD 500, and additional MKD 100 per registered course.

The enrollment and the verification of the semester are free of charge (calculated in the expenses per ECTS credit) if they are done within the given deadlines.

The deadlines are usually posted on our e-learning platform and the Academic calendar.

The enrollment of the spring semester is in February, and the verification of the semester is in June.