An original model of active mentorship
for better education

Since the 2016/17 academic year, all faculties at the International Slavic University have implemented an original university system of active mentorship. Based on the results of previous research, the active mentorship system enhances the academic and professional lives of students by providing support to help them achieve their goals during their studies.

Research results indicate that the system has many advantages and positively impacts both students and their mentors, as it operates bidirectionally. Students receive the necessary support, while mentors gain insights into the positive and negative influences of the current educational system.

The active mentorship model is continuously being refined and remains focused on the idea of motivating students to achieve their ambitions. Sometimes, all they need is someone to guide them or remind them of their values and potential, and this is precisely the mentor’s task.

The mentor
helps you to stay focused

The Career Center at the International Slavic University is always available to address students’ questions. Our goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere that helps all students realize their academic potential.

For this reason, through the Career Center, a mentor is assigned to you immediately after enrollment. Mentorship is a system where professors and assistants act as your guides throughout your studies, similar to a class advisor but more effective.

Your mentor shares their knowledge and experience with you, helping you advance in your career. They are always available to offer assistance whenever needed, inform you about anything related to your studies, and help you overcome any problems you encounter.

Mentorship is more than just advice or sharing experiences. It involves motivating and encouraging you to recognize and achieve your own potentials and goals. The mentor won’t reach the goal for you but will help and teach you how to achieve it yourself.

What are the benefits
for students?

With the active mentorship system, students can shape and achieve their goals faster and more effectively than working alone. Having access to the experience and advice of mentors, students can better anticipate the positive and negative aspects of certain actions and make informed decisions more easily.

The mentor will help you understand where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. They will highlight the necessary changes to overcome specific obstacles, thereby enhancing your professional development.

How to recognize
a good mentor?

Mentorship is a two-way path. Mentors can learn a lot from the students they work with, and dedication and collegiality are the most important characteristics of a mentor. A good mentor encourages their student, offers advice, and motivates them to strive for greater successes and achievements.

Individuals who are designated as mentors genuinely enjoy helping others realize their potential. You can trust them—they will listen to you and help you identify what you are doing right and what might need to be changed.


At the beginning of the year, the Career Center at the International Slavic University assigns you a mentor. Initially, the mentor will help you get acquainted with the university, the rules and conditions for studying, the methods of staying informed, and how to “survive” the first semester. You can approach your mentor with any questions or uncertainties.

The mentor can provide advice on choosing elective courses, topics for project activities, and participation in seminars, conferences, and projects. If the mentor believes it will be beneficial for you and your career, they may also suggest internships at certain companies, experiences in student exchanges, or international projects.

By following the advice of an experienced mentor, you will be able to develop your strengths and potential, better identify your needs and values, and determine what is important for you and your career. It all depends on what you want to achieve and how much energy you are willing to invest in reaching your goals.

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