About the Faculty

17 years of experience

Our Faculty of Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurship since its founding, has helped students grow into young economists and managers ready to take their place in the labor market.

When you enroll into our faculty you are joining a family of thousands of students. We believe economics and organization of entrepreneurship are interesting topics for studying and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with you!

The Faculty of economics and organization of entrepreneurship offers the students four-year bachelor’s degree study programs and one-year master’s degree study programs.

Knowledge and skills in particular

The Faculty of economics and organization of entrepreneurship at the International Slavic University offers you an opportunity to learn from professionals in the field of economics and management. You could acquire invaluable knowledge and skills that will undoubtedly help you become an economist ready to face the challenges of today’s life!

It is important to learn how to think

Our study programs blend economics and management, and focus on the most important aspects from both fields.

The dedication of the students to their professional development provides them with an opportunity to gain quality theoretical knowledge in economics and management. In addition it also helps them learn how to improve their own knowledge and keep track of the newest trends, because the economics and management are susceptible to rapid changes. In order to be in line with current trends, students should learn how to improve through continuous learning.

Therefore, we try to teach our students the techniques of “fishing”, instead of leaving them “caught fish”.

Contemporary study programs for contemporary economists and managers

Our study programs cover a number of courses that are taught in world famous universities.  The additional exercises, case studies and workshops will help our students practically experience the things they learn during the lectures.

The courses from the field of the economics will show you that it’s all about the choices we make – whether it’s the decisions we make as individuals or it’s a decision made in a complex structure created by companies and governments.

The courses from the field of management will help you determine the importance of the human resources in the organizations, and help you understand all aspects of managing a company. Also, you will learn that for a manager to get his/her job done the correct way, he/she is going to have to learn to hear and see more carefully and more further than the obvious.

Appropriate technical conditions

Students attend lectures according to all European and world standards, from the contemporary equipped classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, publishing center, to the immediate communication with the professors and their availability, which is probably the biggest contribution of private education.

In the next four years, our academic staff will help you:

  • Learn how to do economic analysis and to give advice how to use scarce resources in a rational way,
  • Allocate resources rationally,
  • Learn how to earn from your business ideas,
  • Anticipate the future economic developments in the country and the world,
  • Be sufficiently prepared to start your own business.


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