A faculty with
decades of experience

Our Faculty of Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurship has been helping students realize their potential as young economists and managers, ready to secure their place in the job market, since its inception.

When you enroll in our faculty, you become part of a large community of thousands of our graduates and postgraduates. We believe that economics and management are exciting and important fields of study, and we are delighted to share our knowledge and experience with you!

The Faculty of Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurship offers four-year undergraduate programs and one-year postgraduate programs:

Bachelor's degree
four - year degree programs

Master's degree
one - year degree programs

Knowledge and skills
above all

The Faculty of Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurship at the International Slavic University allows you to learn from top professionals in the fields of economics and management. You will acquire invaluable knowledge and skills that will prepare you to face the challenges of the modern world as successful economists and managers!

It is important to develop
critical thinking

Our programs integrate economics and management, providing you with comprehensive knowledge in both areas.

We focus on enabling students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. Rather than simply familiarizing themselves with theories, we encourage them to apply their knowledge in practical situations. This is especially important in rapidly changing fields like economics and management.

Our goal is to equip students to think innovatively and adapt to new challenges. Instead of providing ready-made solutions, we teach them how to find and implement solutions themselves.

Modern Programs for Modern Economists and Managers

Modern Study Programs
for the economists and managers of the future

Our undergraduate and postgraduate study programs cover a wide range of subjects taught at globally renowned universities. The exercises and workshops we organize as additional activities bring the managerial world closer to our students in a practical way.

The subjects in the field of economics will show you that everything revolves around choices—from the decisions we make as individuals to the complex structures created by companies and governments around the world.

The subjects in the field of management will teach you the importance of the human factor in the structure, form, and culture of organizations. You will also learn that a manager must listen and observe more carefully and beyond the obvious to perform their job effectively.

technical facilities

Students follow the curriculum according to all European and global standards, starting from modernly equipped classrooms and the scientific literature they use, to the direct communication with professors and their availability at all times, which is arguably the greatest and most noble contribution of private education.

Through our studies
we believe that:

  • you will learn to conduct economic analyses and provide advice;
  • you will handle resources rationally;
  • you will learn how to profit from your business ideas;
  • you will be able to forecast future economic events both domestically and globally;
  • you will be well-prepared to start your own business.

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