For me, and I believe for my students, the biggest challenge is to define our daily work, because every moment, every hour, every lecture, we try to experience in its entirety and internal complexity. To study the science of perception, the thoughts, the behavior, the awareness and to deepen towards psychopathology, and thereby to stay consistent to the scientific methods and techniques which are simultaneously overcoming, is for a great respect. Therefore, we especially respect our students and their choice of study. I say we, because through multi-professional cooperation with the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin” captivated by the exceptional professionalism and dedication of all my colleagues from the functional simplicity of the administrative sector by virtue affection of the managerial staff which gives stimulation and motivation, and mostly a power for rapid educational progress of the students, it became quite natural for me and this functional system to integrate into an “us.”

Psychology is a science, science is studying, but why I have chosen psychology before other sciences is its specific object of study and observation – the man with its overall complexity of his individual as a whole and its relations with the similar but different from him, other people . I am pleased with my choice because it allows me a continuous co-evolution of my professional with my personal self. What gives me the psychology as a science helps me in personal self-awareness, and what I find familiarizing with myself makes me better psychologist, so we co-evolve me-myself and my profession. To all future students which has have discovered in this relation, I wish them welcome in psychology. Sharpen the hearing, strengthen your vision, learn the taste, love the touch and feel the smell because psychology is a science that is absorbed through the senses, completely overwhelmed and planted in you.

Sciences are studying through organized study programmes , study programmes are integrated into faculties, and all of them bring their own specifics and characteristics, even when they study the same science. The faculty of Psychology at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “ surpasses my expectations and entirely fulfills the criteria of an Institute consistent on the weight of psychology as a science.

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