д-р Анита Ристевска, декан

Anita Ristevska, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

Choosing the university and future profession are important decisions for every young person. The modern way of living and the increasing degree of interest of people to describe and understand their personality and the personality of the people around them has made psychology as one of the most important professions, and a need for psychologists in all segments of the society has grown.

Psychology as a science describes and studies the conscious and unconscious, cognitive and motivational psychic processes that influence the behavior of the individual or the group.

The aim of the Faculty of Psychology is for students to acquire knowledge and skills related to the psychological process, characteristics and behavior of the individual during their studies, and also by using techniques and instruments to be able solve the problems that affect the successful functioning of the individual in the environment.

The Faculty of Psychology offers modern study programs in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, European standards and modern trends in higher education. That will entail:

  • Constantly updating the curricula and the study programs;
  • Implementing modern methods and techniques in teaching;
  • Showing respect for moral values.

These study programs provide students with knowledge with which they can successfully perform work tasks in the field of applied psychology.

The theoretical knowledge acquired at the Faculty of Psycholgoy enables the students to practically implement it during the compulsory summer programs which gives them the opportunity to connect the theoretical and practical tasks of psychology.

The Faculty of Psychology has a long and fruitful cooperation with a great number of faculties and higher education institutions in our country and abroad.