Electronic and free literature

Literature for most of the courses is available on the service for E-learning on our web site and is free. Access to e-learning only have our students and it is a literature prepared just for them..

On E-learning can be found lectures and presentations from the most teachers and assistants.

Our publications for our students

In addition, literature in printed form is available in the student`s bookstore. Some of our professors have prepared books and scripts that can be purchased at reasonable prices.

The books are published by the official publishing house of ISU, International Centre for Slavic Education.

Students are not required to buy materials.

Books can also be borrowed

Students who want to do additional research into a particular field or course have access to additional literature. The additional literature can be borrowed from the library for free.

Our University Library offers free membership to all students. The same issues that are left on sale in the bookstore can be borrowed for free from the library.

Exercises and other materials can be borrowed from course professors and assistants, depending on the field of research.

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