Criminal Law (3+1+1)

Study program Criminal Law (3+1+1)

Study program: Criminal Law
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Degree: Master’s degree / graduate / second cycle
Location: Sveti Nikole or Bitola
Duration of study: 1 year (2 semesters)
Condition: to have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 240 ECTS
Courses: 6
ECTS of the program: 60
ECTS after completion: 300
Awarded degree: Master of Laws – Legum Magister (L.L.M.) – Criminal Law
Tuition fee per year: EUR 2030

The percentage of criminogenic behaviors  on global level is growing significantly. Most law schools that have study programs in criminal law monitor these trends.

That is why the Faculty of Law has introduced a specialized study program to study this fundamental and complex discipline that covers aspects of substantive criminal law, procedural law and penology.

The study program includes courses in criminology and penology which will help the student gain an in-depth knowledge of the ways of suppressing and preventing crimes.

The students who choose this study program will acquire extended theoretical knowledge about criminal law, and also skills for its practical application.

The students could use the gained knowledge and skills in front of judicial authorities, the public prosecutor’s office and other institutions that have investigative power.

One-year study program • fifth year

Criminal Law is one of the five study programs on the master studies that the student can choose after graduation.

This study program is for students who want to continue their legal education and obtain a Master’s degree in a particular area of law. The students can continue the education in the fifth year, and gain additional 60 ECTS.

Upon completing the studies and the defense of the master’s thesis, the student is awarded with a Master of Laws – Legum Magister (L.L.M.) degree.

In the 9th semester the students have seven elective courses. The students select only five courses of the list. 

Faculty of law
Criminal law (3+1+1)
Master of Laws – Legum Magister (L.L.M.)
1 Criminal Copyright Law Elective 6 152
2 Criminology Elective 6 152
3 Comparative Criminal Law Elective 6 152
4 Juvenile Crime Law Elective 6 152
5 International Criminal Law Elective 6 152
6 Medical Criminal Law Elective 6 152
7 Justice and Home Affairs in EU Elective 6 152
Master’s Thesis Preparation Required


Enrollment requirements

We can only enroll students who have graduated with at least 240 ECTS.

The students should prepare all of the required documents, which depend on the country they come from. The international students may need to submit their Bachelor’s degree certificates for nostrification at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia. This should be done at least a month before applying for enrollment at our university.

The admissions process does not include entrance exams at the graduate level.

Required documents

When applying for admission to second cycle, candidates should submit the following documents:

For international students additional documents might be necessary. Documents for applications can be submitted at the International Slavic University “G. R. Derzavin” in Sveti Nikole, at the following address “Marshal Tito” No. 77 , and Bitola at the following address “Novachki pat” No. 16.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee per year for international students is EUR 2030. International students pay the whole amount of the yearly tuition fee at the beginning of each academic year.

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