Radio Sveti Nikole has existed since 1969, and since 2007 MSU took him under his wing. Today the radio functions as a student radio station where students can freely share their thoughts and express themselves through shows, debates, new music and news from the past or future events of the university.

Radio is open to all students and citizens who want to participate in creating the program – from local news to pop music, film criticism, science … Everything you can imagine, here you can make.


Click on the image to visit the official Facebook profile of Radio Sveti Nikole.

If you feel nervous to go live, we offer the ability to record shows. After shooting, the show can be arranged as you wish and could be streamed on the dates of your choice.

If you still can not dare to stand behind the microphone, then you can try to be a DJ. Our musical technicians will guide you through the process and you will get your 5 minutes.

You can be a part of internships in our radio. If one day you want to build journalistic career or want to see what it looks like “the other side of the speaker,” you are welcome in our radio!