About the Faculty

The Faculty of Computer Science was founded in 2011. It has since welcomed many young computer scientists who have chosen to attain knowledge and strengthen their technical skills.

The curriculum includes not only theory, but also team and individual work on real-world projects.

The students can work on real-world tasks (or smaller projects) that cover areas from the studied material. Afterwards they have to prepare present the results in class, and share what they learned during the process.

Team and independent work on real-world tasks reveals many problems that could be encountered when working in a company. During the presentations the students together with the professors assess why some solutions work and why others fail. This way, our students learn the material faster, attain practical skills, and are one step closer to their future career.

Practical knowledge and skills

The main goal of the Faculty of Computer Science is to provide ideal conditions for learning and gaining practical skills in the field of computer science. We want to make sure that our students are prepared to fit in at the rapidly-changing and ever-evolving workplace immediately after graduation.

The vision of the Faculty of Computer Science is to be known for practical application of knowledge from the field of computer science. For that purpose we have hired professors who are top experts in their field and have practical experience gained through implementation of projects worldwide.

Modern facilities

The faculty has modern computer laboratories. For the majority of the courses the students work on practical exercises and projects.

In the years that follow our main goal is to open specialized computer laboratories that would enable our students to participate in international projects. We will particularly pay attention to areas that include the application of IT in medicine, mobile technologies, smart building systems (application of information technology in energy saving and quality housing), e-business, smart agriculture and farming and so on.

At the moment we are preparing a new laboratory for neuromarketing.

Studies with an international character

We are proud that every year the number of enrolled students is increasing significantly and we have an increasing number of students who transfer out from other faculties in North Macedonia.

Our faculty has an international character as we have students from Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, and if everything goes according to plan, that number will be further increased.

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