Why study Law

Why study Law?

Studying at the Faculty of Law will help you develop and improve your communication skills, and abilities to solve complex problems. We offer you an opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and explore different aspects of human life.

The Faculty of Law provides a wide range of options for improving your career. It offers you the possibility to gain extensive knowledge of how the society functions. During the studies and after graduating, you should develop your critical and analytical thinking skills. You would be able to evaluate problems that might arise in the society and also, find ways to implement corresponding solutions.

A faculty which prepares for the future

The fast changes in the world are followed by continuous change of legal regulations. The Faculty of Law is the most suitable institution to train students on how to cope with, and follow the fast changes in the legislation, discuss them, and eventually be able to make such changes themselves.

This facilitates the employment process of our students, and it allows them to contribute to the development of the institutions where they would work.

Which careers could you pursue?

Law as a profession is increasingly deficient in terms of quality staff who can respond to the rapid changes of the modern world.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, once they gain quality skills and extended knowledge of law itself, our students would be able to work on all the jobs offered by this profession: attorneys, judges, prosecutors, lawyers in firms, in public administration etc.

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