Faculty of law

Why study faculty of law?

Why study

The studies at the Faculty of Law will help you develop and improve your communication skills, and the ability to solve complex problems.

A faculty which prepares for the future

Our study programs offer an interdisciplinary approach which could be useful in your new workplace.

Where would you work?

Once you complete the study program, you could choose from the many workplaces offered by this profession: attorneys, judges, prosecutors, lawyers in firms and in state and local administration.

After graduation?

Law as a profession is increasingly deficient in terms of quality staff that can respond to the rapid development of the modern world.

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About the faculty

Study programs that prepare you for the future.

The Faculty of Law has signed cooperation agreements with many institutions in the Republic of North Macedonia

240 ECTS


At the Faculty of Law we currently offer three-year general law studies - Legal Studies (3 + 1). In the fourth year the students choose one for the five modules. With the completion of three year studies, the student gains a professional title of jurist, while after the completion of the fourth year, they are awarded the title Bachelor of Law.

The study programs at the Faculty of Law follow the trends in the contemporary practice of most developed countries and offer an interdisciplinary approach. The study programs are designed at three levels.

300 ECTS


The Faculty of Law offers the following 5 study programs:

The study programs for Master's degree are suitable for students who intend to continue their legal education and pursue a specialized legal profession. The students may continue their education on one of the five study programs in the fifth year of the studies. After the completion of the study program and the defense of the Master's thesis, the students earn additional 60 ECTS credits, and obtain the title Master of Laws.


Information for students

Teaching and lectures

Оrganization of semesters

The academic year begins on October 1 and ends on September 30 next year. It is divided into two semesters, (fall) and (spring). The fall semester begins on October 1 and lasts until February 14 next year, and the spring semester starts on February 15 and ends on June 30.

Schedule of activities

Students from every study program usually have lectures 2 to 3 days per week.


The lectures are held in Bitola and in Sveti Nikole. Every student attends the classes on the campus they are enrolled at.


During the summer holidays, students need to gain direct practical experience. Therefore, they choose a company or institution where they do internships. They can choose from the list of institutions we have an agreement with, or a completely different institution, depending on their preferences.

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Online and free


The literature for most of the courses of the Faculty of Law is available on our E-learning online platform (called E-ucenje) and is free. All our students have access to the E-learning platform. We upload study materials prepared just for them..
On E-learning can be found lectures and presentations for most courses.

Our publications for our students

In addition, literature in printed form is available in the university's bookstore. Most of our staff have published books and additional study materials that can be purchased at reasonable prices. The books are published by the official publishing house of ISU - International Center for Slavic Education.

Or you can borrow some books from our library.

Our university library offers free membership to all students. The same publications that can be bought in the bookstore can be borrowed for free from the library..

New model

Help and mentoring

Active mentoring

Once you are enrolled, The Career Center will assign you a mentor who will guide you through your studies. The active mentoring is a system in which teachers and assistants take the role of your guide during the studies.

Mentors will give you guidelines

The Career Center at the University is constantly available for the students. They will give you information about the studies, and will help you overcome all the problems that you are facing during your studies.

What are the characteristics of a good mentor?

The mentors encourage their students, give advice and are happy when you make progress in your career.

Why is mentoring good for the student?

The mentors help you understand where you want to be and how to get there. They will indicate the changes needed to overcome the obstacles in order to improve your professional development.



Full-time professor

Dear students,

The main goal of the Faculty of Law is to provide education to students who on a comparative and interdisciplinary approach will gain theoretical and practical foundations for Macedonian law and EU law, as well as for their relevant legal systems.


Finally, I have a motivational message to you: Have optimism, perseverance, be committed and focused on your education that leads to the ultimate goal - success. Be responsible because responsibility is a value and characteristic of good, honest, capable and quality people.


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All the information in one place

Bachelor's degree enrollment

All the information in one place

Master's degree enrollment

Enrollment documents

  • A diploma of passed state, school or international matura exam (matriculation examination) or an equivalent;
  • High school transcripts for each of the 4 years;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Citizenship certificate;
  • 4 document photos in color

Tuition fee

Candidates can enroll as full-time and part-time students with self-financing of studies in the amount of 1030 EUR (for one academic year). For possible discounts click here.

Enrollment documents

  • Certificate (diploma) of graduation/bachelor’s degree;
  • A diploma supplement (academic transcript);
  • Birth certificate;
  • 4 document photos;
  • Copy of ID card

Tuition fee

Candidates can enroll with self-financing of studies in the amount of 1530 EUR (for one academic year). For possible discounts и click here.