An opportunity to understand yourself

No matter where you’ll work in the future, the education in the field of psychology will be very useful in your life because, among other things, it would help you understand yourself.

As you discover new information about personality development, character formation and how society and culture affect behavior, you will have a greater understanding of their impact on your own life.

You could improve your own skills for learning, dealing with pressure, or maybe managing the stress at your future workplace.

An opportunity to understand the world

By studying various aspects of human behavior, you will be able to evaluate the behavior of different types of people in a given situation, and you will know how to improve your interaction with them.

A career ready for the future

Modern lifestyle is usually linked to increased stress levels. Additionally, the problems we face every day, and the more frequent occurrence of mental illness are indications that psychology is one of the careers of the future and the need for well-educated and qualified psychologists and psychotherapists will be increased.

Psychology could help you become successful even in a different career

We know that there are too many tempting and exciting careers in psychology to which you might aspire, but the study of human psychology can be a major help in other professions. For example, if you want to be a successful manager, understanding human behavior could improve your relationships with other staff members and help you better organize them.

Helping is a one of the main features of the profession

Helping makes the world a better place. It could change someone’s life, and it fulfils the person who helps. Is there anything more fulfilling than helping others?

Where would you work?

Generally, the level of unemployment among psychologists is low, because of the huge number of institutions which need psychologists, such as clinics, legal and educational institutions, research centers, marketing sector, mental health centers, various organizations.

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