Electronic and Free

The literature for a large number of the faculty’s courses are available on our E-Learning platform on the website and is free of charge. Access to E-Learning is exclusively available to our students, and the literature is specially prepared for them.

The E-Learning platform also features lecture presentations from most professors and assistants.

Our publications
for our students

Additionally, printed literature is available at the student bookstore as well as in the online store of our publishing house. Some of our professors have prepared books and scripts that can be purchased at affordable prices. The books are published by the official publishing house of the International Slavic University.

Students are not obligated to purchase these materials.

The materials
can be borrowed

For students who wish to conduct further research on a specific subject or area, additional literature is available. This literature can be borrowed from the library free of charge.

Our university library offers free membership to all students. The library has its own website, where available publications are listed.

Exercises and other materials can also be borrowed from the respective professors and assistants, depending on the subject they are teaching.

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