A new model of active mentoring for better education

Since the academic year 2016/17 we have started a new system of active mentoring. Considering the results of previous researches, the system of active mentoring proved to be a system that should improve the professional life of students, as it would support them in achieving their goals.

According to research results, the active mentoring system has many advantages and positively affects the students and their mentors. Students receive the support they need, and mentors can keep track of the positive and negative impacts of the current educational system.

The active mentoring system is still in development, as we are continuously trying to find a more acceptable way to make it easier for the students to achieve their ambitions.  Sometimes all they need is someone to guide them and to remind them about their values and how much they can achieve. And that is the main goal of the mentor.

Mentors will give you guidelines

The Career Center at the University is constantly available to answer all students’ questions. Our goal is to provide to all our students pleasant atmosphere which will help the students to reach their academic potential.

Therefore, just after the enrollment the Career Center will assign a mentor who will guide you through your studies. Mentoring is a system where professors and assistants take the role of your guide during your studies, similar to the home-room teacher but even in a better way.

The mentors will share with you their knowledge and experience; they will help you excel at your career. They are always available for you and they offer their assistance whenever needed. They will give you information connected to the studies and the way of studying, and they will help you to overcome all the problems that you are facing during your studies.

Mentoring is more than just counseling. It means motivating and stimulating the students in order for them to recognize their own potential and their own goals, and then help them find a way to achieve them. The mentors will not achieve the goals instead of their students, but they will rather teach the students how to achieve the goals on their own.

In other words, the mentors will try to teach the students ‘how to fish rather than ‘giving them the fish’.

Why mentoring is good for the student?

The students will be able to define and achieve their goals more effectively, than to work alone. Having access to the mentor’s experience, they will be able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of certain acts and they will be able to draw better conclusions.

The mentors will help you understand where you want to be and how to get there. They will indicate the changes essential for you to overcome the obstacles in order to improve your professional development.

What are the characteristics of a good mentor?

Mentoring is a two-way street. The mentors can learn much from the students  because they help them to develop their communication skills. Mentoring offers many benefits like unselfishness, commitment and cooperativeness.

The mentors want to help others achieve their ambitions. You can rely on your mentors – they will listen to what you have to say and after that, together, they will point out the things you are doing right and the things you need to change in order to fulfill your goals.

The mentors encourage their students, give advice and are happy when you make progress in your career.

The model of active mentoring

A mentor can only be assigned by the Career Center. At the beginning of every academic year, you can visit our Career Center and ask who your assigned mentor is.  A mentor can be assigned to you by the Career Center or you can choose her/him by yourself.

At the beginning, the mentors will help you to get to know the university rules and terms for studying, and how to “survive” the first semester. You can address him/her if you have any questions.

The mentors can give you advice for choosing between elective courses, choosing topics for research papers, taking part in, seminars, conferences and projects. If the mentors believe it would be useful for you and your career, they can offer internship in a particular company or team work in solving a particular problem.

And by following the advice of experienced mentors, you will be able to develop your skills and reach your full potential, identify your needs and values and determine what is important to you and your career.

It all depends on what you want to achieve and how much energy you are willing to invest in achieving your goals.

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