Gabriela Krstevska

Gabriela Krstevska, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

The Faculty of Economics and Organization of Entrepreneurship at ISU in Sveti Nikole and Bitola is an institution that through its existence for more than 17 years continuously creates a tradition in the education of economists.

Entering the 21st century, we face unprecedented economic stagnation globally, international environmental issues such as climate abnormalities, a changing social structure resulting from rapid innovations in IT technologies …
Socio-economic change is happening at the level of which we have not experienced so far. I expect that you as our students will use the acquired skills and knowledge from studying and will hone your individual talents to a new higher level to embark on a tumultuous journey to fulfill your personal role and mission in today’s changing world.

Our faculty is oriented towards the student, his needs and expectations. For that purpose, we provide optimal conditions for learning, research, practice and engagement of future graduates. Our common goal is to create leaders in the field of economics and business management who will be competitive in the labor market and able to solve complex economic and business problems.We are committed to excellence, and accordingly we strive for constant innovation both in terms of the programs we implement and in terms of working methods. We constantly follow the modern development trends, devoting a particularly important place to the development of higher education according to the most current world practices.

The decision to continue your education in an academic study program is certainly one of the most significant and important in your life. Commitment to your decision will place you in the elite of society because our graduates and masters are the highest quality staff in the field of economics and management in our region and beyond. With a degree from the Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship Organization, you have the opportunity to make excellent choices in the development of your professional career, gaining the best knowledge and competencies, mastering the most important skills. This will open the door for a successful search and finding the professional engagement you have wanted.

We look forward to participating in your educational process, which will ultimately be embodied in the acquired competencies, skills and knowledge necessary for your future employment, as well as in a developed academic approach to thinking about the overall development of society. Only a society with educated members strongly steps towards a brighter future.

Join us on the journey!

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