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Technical sciences and computer science are at the forefront of innovation, opening doors to endless possibilities and significant professional development. Studying these disciplines provides not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills, which are crucial for contributing to technological discoveries and shaping the future of various industries.

In recent years, computer science has been on a continuous rise, thanks to the rapid advancement of technology. This creates an increased demand for engineers in the field of computer science, offering a great advantage to students who choose to study this area. With technological progress, professionals in computer science have a unique opportunity to be part of solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions.

The Faculty of Technical Sciences and Computer Science offers you the unique opportunity to be at the heart of the intellectual revolution. Studying at this faculty will teach you new ways of thinking and connecting things, enabling you to find innovative solutions to the challenges of modern society. With advanced laboratories, expert faculty, and opportunities for practical work, our faculty is dedicated to preparing future leaders in technical sciences and computer science.

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Four - year degree programs
in the field of technical sciences and computer science

In a highly competitive labor market, expertise in technical and computer sciences provides a significant advantage. Our faculty offers four distinct programs designed to prepare you for a successful career in these fields.

The programs in the field of computer science (Software Technologies and Computer Systems and Networks) develop problem-solving skills that are highly valued by employers. Through modern study programs, students acquire practical skills that make them competitive in the global market. Practical instruction and laboratory exercises enable the immediate application of theoretical knowledge, making our education exceptionally practical.

The Safety at work program prepares students to create and maintain safe working environments. Students learn about the importance of safety standards and regulations, as well as risk identification and management. This knowledge is crucial for ensuring workers’ well-being and maintaining efficiency in work processes.

The Waste Management program focuses on responsible practices and sustainable resource management. Students are trained in modern waste management methods, recycling, and waste minimization. This education prepares them to contribute to sustainable environmental management, which is essential for today’s society.

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Studying programs in the field of computer science opens up opportunities for careers as software engineers, network administrators, web application developers, and more, in sectors such as healthcare, finance, telecommunications, and many others.

The Safety at work program provides a solid foundation for future inspectors, managers, consultants, and instructors in creating and maintaining safe work environments. Waste Management, on the other hand, offers careers as waste managers, environmental engineers, sustainability consultants, and recycling specialists, focusing on sustainable resource management and environmental protection.

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