During an academic year, there are six exam periods (sessions), three regular and three additional.

Regular sessions are in:

  • January
  • June
  • September

Additional sessions are in:

  • April
  • October
  • November

The first regular exam session is in January, where exams for courses taken in the first semester are held. If a student does not pass all exams in January, they can retake them during the April (additional) session. There are no penalties for taking exams in the additional session.

The second regular exam session is in June, where exams for second-semester courses are held. If a student does not pass the exams in June, they can retake them in the September session, also without penalties, unless the student has not met the requirements for enrollment in the next year. Additional sessions are in October and November.

Typically, exams for both even and odd semesters can be taken during any session.

Before the session, regardless of whether the student has previously passed both midterms, exams must be registered electronically (via E-index). Exam results will be available in the student’s account as soon as the professor publishes them.