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Today International Slavic University (ISU) has two campuses in Sveti Nikole and Bitola, where more than 2000 students are currently enrolled.

ISU’s History

Our University has strategically developed by increasing the number of faculties and departments. Starting from 2004, so far we have accredited 5 faculties with more than 20 study programs.

ISU’s Future

We want to create a unique educational experience for all our students which focus not only on developing and advancing their professional skills but also their ability to solve problems, leadership and communication.

Organizational design and structure

Find out how the university is organized, the management and their roles.

Domestic cooperation

The created image of the university allows us to sign more cooperation agreements with more companies involved in business in Republic North Macedonia, offering our students to improve their work skills and professional involvement in business.

International Cooperation

We have signed many agreements for cooperation in the fields of teaching, scientific and research work with many universities from different countries.

Campus Sveti Nikole

Founded: 2004 year
Location: „Marshal Tito“ street num. 77, 2220 Sveti Nikole
Size: 3000 m2
Car travel:
20-30 minutes for students from Skopje, Kumanovo, Shtip, Veles ;
around one hour for students from Probishtip, Kochani and Vinica;
more than one hour for students from Kratovo, Kriva Palanka, Tetovo, Strumica, Radovish, Negotino and Gevgelija.

Campus Bitola

Founded: 2006 year
Location: „Novachki pat“ street num.16, 7000 Bitola
Size: 3000 m2
Car travel:
20-30 minuter for students from Prilep, Resen, Demir Hisar.
around one hour for students from Krushevo.
more than one hour for students from Ohrid, Struga, Kichevo, Makedonski Brod, Kavadarci.

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University symbols

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Information about accreditation for each faculty .


List of reports from the conducted self-evaluations.

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