International Cooperation

The strong image of the University has enabled us to sign many cooperation agreements with numerous companies and organizations both in North Macedonia and abroad, offering our students the means of improving their job skills and professional involvement in business.

Powerful partnerships for a better future

We have signed many agreements for cooperation in the fields of teaching, scientific and research work with many universities from different countries. Over the years, our international relationships have developed through the implementation of numerous projects, student exchanges, conferences, workshops, training courses, seminars.

  1. Tambov State University “G. R. Derzhavin” – Tambov, Russia
  2. Moscow Regional State University – Moscow, Russia (05.08.2015)
  3. Lipetsk Pedagogical State University – Lipetsk, Russia (15.04.2016)
  4. North-Caucasus Federal University – Stavropol, Russia (25.10.2014)
  5. Southwestern University “Neophyt Rilski” – Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
  6. University “Megatrend” – Belgrade, Serbia (14.12.2010)
  7. University “Juridicum” – Vienna, Austria (08.01.2013)
  8. Pedagogical Faculty in Vranje – State University of Nis – Nis, Serbia (02.12.2016)
  9. “Pan-European University” – Banja Luka, Republika Srpska (04.05.2015)
  10. University “Vitez” – Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina (16.03.2012)
  11. VSU “Chernorizets Hrabar” – ​​Varna, Bulgaria (20.05.2013)
  12. Alpha BK University – Serbia (18.07.2015)
  13. Faculty of pedagogy – Vranje, Serbia (02.12.2016)
  14. Azurlingua – Nice, France (09.01.2017)
  15. Getijde College – The Netherlands (06.02.2017)
  16. Veliko Tarnovo University “St. Cyril and Methodius” – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria (27.01.2016)
  17. Ural Federal University – Yekaterinburg, Russia (22.12.2017)
  18. University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business – Ljubljana, Slovenia (30.04.2018)
  19. Technical University of Gabrovo – Gabrovo, Bulgaria (07.08.2015)
  20. Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship – Belgrade, Serbia (09.06.2017)
  21. CMS – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina (26.12.2016)
  22. University of Library Studies and Information Technologies – Sofija, Bulgaria (30.05.2012)
  23. University of telecommunications and posts – Sofia, Bulgaria (23.11.2019)
  24. University “Fehmi Agani” – Gjakova, Republic of Kosovo (23.09.2021)
  25. Faculty of Hotel Management and Tourism – Vrnjachka Banja, University of Kragujevac (28.05.2021)
  26. Annex to the cooperation agreement with Paneuropean University “Apeiron” – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia, Banja Luka (04.05.2015)
  27. Chandigarh University  – India (16.11.2021)
  28. College of International Management „Globus“ – Pristina, Kosovo (05.01.2022)
  29. The Odesa State agrarian University – Odesa, Ukraine (16.02.2022)
  30. Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design – Kyiv, Ukraine (16.02.2022)
  31. The Higher School of Security and Economics – Plovdiv, Bulgaria (18.02.2022)
  32. Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) – Mullana Ambala, India (18.04.2022)
  33. Suleyman Demirel University – Isparta, Turkey (18.04.2022)

  1. Historical – Philological foundation “A. A. Khovanski” – Voronezh, Russia (04.11.2017)
  2. Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia and the Complex for interdepartmental research and technology – Microsurgery of the eye – the Tambov branch with ISU.
  3. Cooperation agreement with the Center for National and Security – Belgrade, Serbia (11.12.2018)
  4. Framework cooperation agreement with the Institute of social and economic initiatives – Ukraine (10.11.2021)

Domestic cooperation

  1. Cooperation memorandum with University of Audiovisual arts, European film and theatre academy, ESRA Paris – Skopje – New York (Sveti Nikole, 30.01.2014)
  2. A bilateral agreement with International Vision University from Gostivar (Sveti Nikole, 12.03.2019)
  3. Cooperation agreement with University “Mother Teresa” (UMT) from Skopje (Sveti Nikole, 19.04.2019)

  1. Memorandum of Understanding with the Association for Health Promotion “Global Health Link” from Skopje (Sveti Nikole, 04.12.2017)
  2. Cooperation memorandum with Agency for Youth and Sports of  North Macedonia  (Skopje, 15.12.2017)
  3. Cooperation memorandum with Judicial Council of Macedonia (Skopje, 18.12.2015)
  4. Cooperation memorandum with PI Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs of the City of Sveti Nikole (Sveti Nikole, 22.06.2016)
  5. Cooperation memorandum with City Library “Goce Delcev” – Shtip (Sveti Nikole, 15.01.2016)
  6. Cooperation memorandum with  air services company “BONIAIR” – Kumanovo (Kumanovo, 13.04.2010)
  7. Memorandum of Understanding with Organization of Employers of Republic of North Macedonia (Sveti Nikole, 24.11.2014)
  8. Cooperation agreement with JSC “Moda” – Sveti Nikole (Sveti Nikole, 02.11.2010)
  9. Memorandum of Understanding and business technical cooperation with Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (Sveti Nikole, 11.12.2014)
  10. Cooperation agreement with PHI General Hospital Veles (29.10.2010)
  11. Cooperation agreement with Datalab Group MK (30.05.2018)
  12. Cooperation agreement with  Sparkasse bank Macedonia (30.05.2017)
  13. Cooperation agreement with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of North Macedonia (07.02.2018)
  14. Cooperation agreement with Lactalis group – “Ideal Shipka” – Bitola (26.12.20216)
  15. Cooperation agreement with private institutions for the children Center for Early Childhood Development “BONBONCHINJA” – Bitola (21.10.2016)
  16. Agreement for conducting practical classes for students with Stopanska Banka AD – Skopje (13.05.2016)
  17. Cooperation agreement with “Orion Inzenering” – Prilep (04.01.2016)
  18. Cooperation agreement with ES “Malina Popivanova” – Kochani (Kochani, 20.12.2016)
  19. Agreement for educational – scientific cooperation with High School “Kocho Racin” – Sveti Nikole (Sveti Nikole, 17.03.2015)
  20. Cooperation agreement with Philosophical association of Republic of North Macedonia – Skopje (09.01.2015)
  21. Agreement for educational – scientific cooperation with High School “Dimitar Miraschiev” – Shtip  (22.04.2015)
  22. Agreement for educational – scientific cooperation with Institute of National History, Skopje (20.02.2015)
  23. Cooperation memorandum with Balkan Greenhouse, Sveti Nikole (18.03.2015)
  24. Cooperation agreement with Orphanage for Infants and Children, Bitola (15.03.20216)
  25. Cooperation agreement with MAKPROGRES DOO, Vinica (Sveti Nikole, 10.04.2021)
  26. Cooperation memorandum with Directorate for Protection and Rescue (13.12.2013)
  27. Cooperation agreement with Constitutional judiciary in Macedonia (03.02.2015)
  28. Cooperation agreement with Notary Chamber of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (18.02.2015)
  29. Cooperation memorandum with Personal Data Protection Agency (Bitola, 16.10.2021)
  30. Cooperation agreement with PI Center for Social Affairs of the City of  Vinica (20.05.2016)
  31. Cooperation agreement with Rotary Club Veles (25.08.2017)
  32. Cooperation agreement with Ministry of Internal Affairs (Skopje, 07.02.2018)
  33. Cooperation for Practical work with Ministry of Justice Kumanovo (20.07.2018)
  34. Cooperation agreement with PI Inter-Municipal Center for Social Affairs of the City of Bitola (26.09.2018)
  35. Agreement with Macedonian Police Union (Sveti Nikole, 15.05.2019)
  36. Cooperation memorandum with Macedonian Marketing Association (Sveti Nikole, 31.05.2019)
  37. Cooperation memorandum with The First Children’s Embassy in the World – Megjashi (FCEWM)  (Sveti Nikole, 20.08.2019)
  38. Cooperation agreement with The trade union of the workers from the administration, the judicial bodies and the citizens’ associations of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (Sveti Nikole, 15.10.2020)
  39. Cooperation agreement with Trade Union of Forestry, Wood Industry and Energy of the Republic of Northern Macedonia (Sveti Nikole, 15.10.2020)
  40. Cooperation memorandum with Association for Safety at work of the Municipality of Bitola (Bitola, 29.10.2020)
  41. Cooperation memorandum between The Institute of Culture and Art of ISU and Municipality of Kumanovo (Kumanovo, 04.03.2021)
  42. Cooperation agreement with Independent defense union (Sveti Nikole, 25.10.2021)