Selection Procedure

The International Relations Office announces a call for participation in the Erasmus+ programme at least twice per year. The call is published on our website, in the News category.

Each call for participation contains the details for the academic year in which the mobility is supposed to be carried out, the conditions and the duration, the necessary documents and instructions for applying.

In the call we also specify the exact criteria we will use when we select the candidates. For each call we choose a Selection Committee which is comprised from 3 members.


The interested candidates can apply via an online application form which will be available once the call for participation is published.

The deadlines for applying are defined in the call for participation and they might be extended until filled.

Eight days after the application is closed the Selection Committee publishes the results.

Prerequisites for applying

These are the prerequisites that the students need to fulfill before applying for an Erasmus+ grant:

  • The students have to be enrolled in at least the third semester of the first cycle of studies or enrolled in the second cycle of studies;
  • The students should have an average grade of 7.0 or higher. In exceptional cases (vacancies, etc.) students with an average grade equal to or above 6.5 can also apply. For students studying in one-year second cycle studies, the average is not taken into account;
  • They should be enrolled as full-time students in the first cycle of studies and to be awarded at least 60 ECTS credits. For second cycle students there is no minimum of ECTS awarded.

Criteria for the selection of candidates

In order to make sure that the students are selected in a fair and transparent process we have defined certain criteria that need to be fulfilled up to a certain level. For greater transparency, we will give each application points, and the students with most points will be chosen for an Erasmus+ mobility.

The maximum amount of points is 100.

Academic Excellence(each point equals a grade of 0,1)

6,5 to 7,0 = 5 to 10 points;
7,1 to 8,0 = 11 to 20 points;
8,1 to 9,0 = 21 to 30 points;
9,1 to 10,00 = 31 to 40

40 points
Motivational Letter 15 points
Knowledge of foreign language(s), 5 points per language (max 3). 15 points
Recommendation from a professor (5 points each, max 2) 10 points
Previous experience in university’s and Students’ Association activities (5 points each, max 2 activities) 10 points
Certificates, Awards, Commendations (2 points each, max. 5) 10 points