The mission of the International Relations Office is to ensure international mobility of students and staff and international cooperation by creating favorable conditions for further development of the existing partnerships of the International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin and by providing conditions for new partnerships while enhancing and improving the image of the university internationally.


We envision for our university to achieve a high number of partnerships and a high percentage of student and staff mobility activities throughout the world, which will support the vision of our university – to become a crossroad where the knowledge of the East and the West will be united and shared in order universal academic standards to be established.


The International Relations Office is dedicated to reaching the objectives of the university’s international strategy:

  • Stimulate the international cooperation via strategic partnerships and engage staff and students in international research, development and innovation projects in both programme and partner countries.
  • Improve our international reputation in order to increase the number of international agreements with HEIs from EU and beyond.
  • Introduce the new possibilities of internationalization of our university via Erasmus+ in all departments.
  • Increase the number of incoming and outgoing staff and students in mobility activities from EU and beyond through facilitated and improved IRO services and implementation of digital practices and ESC.
  • Provide favorable conditions on both campuses for increasing the number of international students.
  • Provide proper high-quality preparation for all mobility participants by trained IRO staff.
  • Encourage our staff to develop their language skills in order to increase the number of study programmes carried out in foreign languages.
  • Stimulate the increase of organization of international activities and stimulate increase of the number of participating staff and students in international events such as trainings, conferences, workshops, symposia, summer schools.
  • Blend the differences between real and digital campuses with the usage of blended mobility.
  • Ensure sustainability by implementing the Erasmus without paper initiative and additionally encouraging the incoming and outgoing staff and students to take up environmentally-friendly practices through our activities.
  • Develop joint degrees with partners from programme and partner countries.
  • Use the Erasmus+ mobility activities as a tool for preparing our students for the labor market and increasing their employability.
  • Increase the level of involvement of the Student Association and alumni in the university’s international activities and in the recruitment process of new staff and students for international activities.

Information about the International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin

  • Legal Name in Macedonian: Меѓународен Славјански Универзитет „Г. Р. Державин“ Свети Николе - Битола
    Latin Legal Name: Megjunaroden Slavjanski Univerzitet "Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin" Sveti Nikole
    Address: Marshal Tito 77, 2220 Sveti Nikole, Republic of North Macedonia
    PIC: 937193922
    Erasmus Code: MK SKOPJE19
    OID: E10037780
    Erasmus Charter for Higher Education: download here.