If you want to study at the International Slavic University G. R. Derzhavin as a mobility student, you have to carry out several activities.


The first step is to contact the International Relations Office of your university and apply for a mobility according to their internal rulebook.

Once you have been selected as a mobility student, your International Relations Office should nominate you as an Erasmus+ student. A simple e-mail would be sufficient for your nomination to be successful. You can send the nomination at erasmus.incoming@msu.edu.mk.

In the meantime you can submit the application which is published on this page.


As a next step, in consultation with your International Relations Office you should choose the courses you wish to attend at our university. You should make sure that the outcomes of the courses you choose are similar to the ones at your home university.

Before choosing the courses, please check the course catalogue and consult our International Relations Office for confirmation.


  • June 15th for the fall semester or for a full academic year (early October to mid-February)
  • December 31st for the spring semester (mid-February to June)

Nomination application

The nomination application should be completed by the IRO staff of the sending institution.

Student Application form for mobility

General Information

Details about the study program

(for example, second, third...)

(for example, 2022/2023, 2023/2024...)