What is the mobility of teaching and administrative staff?

The mobility of teaching and administrative staff refers to the employees if ISU who stay for a certain period at a host institution. The type and duration of the mobility are defined by an inter-institutional agreement and a call on the basis of which the mobility is realized. Mobility is realized within the framework of an inter-institutional agreement or bilateral agreement and the procedure for selection of users and data processing is the same whether it is mobility or combined mobility.

Staff that can be part of mobility programs are:

  • Employed who have been elected to teaching and research, research and teaching fellow title and who have concluded an employment contract with ISU and its units.
  • Non-teaching staff (administrative and professional staff) employed part-time or full-time at ISU and its units.

External collaborators are not eligible to be part of the mobility programs.

Selection of mobility users

The application, the manner and the criteria for the selection of candidates are defined in the call within which the mobility is realized.

The International Relations Office of ISU announces the call for entries at least twice a year for potential mobility users. The call is published on the website, but also through other channels for informing the ISU within the timeframe provided by the program or the bilateral agreement.

The criteria for the selection of mobility users are also published in the call.

How to apply?

The application guide is an integral part of the mobility call. The application should be available at least in Macedonian. The application is done through an online form, by attaching the necessary documents to the form.

If necessary, additional documents can be requested from the applicants, depending on the Selection procedure.

If necessary, the International Relations Office may request the applicant to submit the documents in person to the International Relations Office.

The application deadline is defined in the call for participation mobility. The deadline can be extended several times, until the planned mobility is completely filled.

The International Relations Office has established a Commission for selection of mobility users which consists of one employee of IRO and two external members from other sectors of ISU.

Terms, duration and selection criteria

The potential mobility users should meet the following criteria in order to be able to apply in the selection process:

  • To be the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia or to be the holders of residence permit in the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • The minimum mobility period for staff within the Erasmus + program is 2 days, and the maximum period is 2 months (not counting the days of travel). Concerning other programs and bilateral agreements, these deadlines are not binding, unless the program explicitly states so. During the mobility of the teaching staff, the mobility user is expected to maintain a minimum of 8 hours per week of real time spent in lectures. Regarding a shorter stay in one week, 8 hours is the minimum of real time spent in lectures. As an exception, if teaching activities are combined with professional development, the minimum real-time spent in lectures is 4 hours per week (and in cases of stays shorter than one week), unless otherwise defined in the program.
  • Regarding teaching, to be employed and to be elected to teaching and research, research and teaching fellow title and to have concluded an employment contract with ISU and its units.
  • Regarding professional development (administrative and professional staff), to be employed pat-time or full-time within ISU and its units.
  • To have had at least 12 months of working experience in ISU.
  • To meet additional requirements if requested by the host institution.

Criteria for ranking the candidates

Mobility users are selected in a fair and transparent process. The call and the selection of candidates is conducted and administered by the International Relations Office of the ISU.

Each of the incoming application should be scored. The number of maximum points is 100. Unless the choice is otherwise defined by the program rules or bilateral agreements, the selection should be made by the Commission in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Justification of the proposed program, degree of compliance with the Strategy for development and internalization of ISU – 45 points
  • Cover letter – 10 points
  • Degree of mobility relevance for career advancement – 5 points
  • Knowledge of a foreign language – 15 points (5 points for each language, maximum 3 languages)
  • Letter of recommendation from a colleague and /or head of department – 10 points (5 points for each recommendation, maximum 3 letters of recommendation
  • Previous experience in the activities within ISU – 10 points (5 points for each activity, maximum 2 activities)
  • Previous number of realized mobilities, with the highest number of points having the candidates who have not previously participated in the mobility program (5 points).

The commission is obliged to inform each rejected candidate in writing about the reasons for their rejection.