Erasmus Programme by using the Mobility Programmes for Administrative Staff offers the opportunity for training in an Erasmus Partner Institution of higher education from the Republic of North Macedonia that is a holder of Erasmus + Charter for Higher Education (ECHE).

This action aims to provide training for the staff of the higher education institution. In this context the options for mobility can be for:

  • the employed of the higher education institution who will attend training at a partner company or for the persons from the partner company who will attend training at the higher education institution which aims to gain practical skills. These trainings can be through seminars, workshops, courses or conferences, practical work, etc.
  • The administrative or other staff from the holder of ECHE who will attend the training within another holder of ECHE in order to exchange experiences, positive practice, improve skills and knowledge for carrying out daily work tasks, etc.
  • the teaching staff of a higher education institution who will attend training within another ECHE.

The higher education institution should transparently state all the selection criteria in the call and together with any accompanying documents, should be available to all persons, members of the higher education institution. The administrative staff must sign an agreement with an annex where a personal work plan is submitted.

The selection of persons who will participate in this type of mobility is done within the higher education institution. The National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility is not involved in the selection process.

Important Information

  • the duration of the training activity can be from 2 days to 2 months;
  • upon return to the home institution, the administrative staff is obliged to submit a report.

Information is taken from the Erasmus+ Guide 2022.