Aleksandar Ilievski

Aleksandar Ilievski, PhD, Dean

Dear colleagues, future jurists,

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to address you as Dean of the Faculty of Law at The International Slavic University. From my personal experience I want to tell you that the years you spend as a student will probably be the most beautiful part of your lives. These are the years in your lives that you need to spend doing something you like, but at the same time doing something positive about your future.

I want to mention that from the time of enrollment, the Faculty of Law should be a faculty in which you can recognize your talents and develop them. The career as a jurist, means that you’ll have great benefits, but also great responsibilities. After graduating, some of you might become judges, jurists, administrative staff in state and local offices, maybe ministers or diplomats… This means that the Faculty of Law offers you a wide range of career opportunities.

Each of these careers requires a lot of effort, and it is expected from you not only to gain knowledge, but to be morally and ethically ready for the responsibilities that you encounter after completing the faculty.

To be a good jurist, you need to respect and implement the law, not to succumb to anyone’s pressure. Above all, you will have to make sure that justice and fairness, as the basic principles of our profession, always win.

In conclusion, I want to mention that at this faculty we have a great team, a team which is a blend of youth, enthusiasm, experience and knowledge, supported by eminent scientists from abroad and especially from universities in Russia, with whom our university has a longstanding cooperation.

Once again, let me wish you good luck in having the best years of your life!

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