Ivan Efremovski

Ivan Efremovski, PhD, Dean

Dear students,

The main goal of the Faculty of Law is to provide education to students who on a comparative and interdisciplinary approach will gain theoretical and practical foundations for Macedonian law and EU law, as well as for their relevant legal systems. Acquired applied knowledge and systematic understanding of the legal framework will lead to raising the level of critical thinking; to increased motivation for academic analysis and research and mastering the process of academic writing by setting clear arguments, their proper presentation, and of course, the development of communication skills.

At the Faculty of Law, the undergraduate study process is organized in the following directions: Administrative Law and Public Administration; Civil rights; Criminal Law, International Law, EU Law and Diplomacy and Finance and Business Law. The study programs for second cycle legal studies (postgraduate studies) have a duration of one year, ie 2 semesters and according to the type of program are evaluated as postgraduate study programs, and the studies have the character of postgraduate master studies.

After completing both cycles of studies and obtaining 300 ECTS credits and defending a master’s thesis, the student receives a diploma and acquires the title “Master of Laws”.

Dear students, future colleagues – lawyers, you are now present in an environment full of enthusiasm, knowledge and creativity, in an environment where your talent will be expressed, in an institution full of positive values ​​and teaching staff whose motive and purpose are: give the student the opportunity, use his enthusiasm, creativity and critical thinking, upgrade his talent, respect his opinion, encourage his leadership, develop and nurture ethical and moral values. Dear students, your success is at the same time our success, the success of our teaching staff.

Finally, I have a motivational message to you: Have optimism, perseverance, be committed and focused on your education that leads to the ultimate goal – success.
Be responsible because responsibility is a value and characteristic of good, honest, capable and quality people.

I wish you good luck and lots of success in the study process.

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