Study program
Administrative Law and Public Administration


One - year study program

Study program: Administrative law and public administration
Faculty: Faculty of Law
Type of studies: Master’s degree / graduate / second cycle
Location: Sveti Nikole or Bitola
Duration of study: 1 year (2 semesters)
Condition: to have a Bachelor’s degree with at least 240 ECTS
Courses: 8
ECTS of the program: 60
ECTS after completion: 300
Awarded degree: Master of Laws – Legum Magister (L.L.M.) – Administrative law and public administration
Tuition fee per year for international students: EUR 2030

Modern labor market trends demand professionals with specialized expertise and a deep understanding of specific issues. The Administrative Law and Public Administration program is designed to provide a deeper understanding and specialization in the areas of administrative law and public service management.

This program is ideal for students who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in administrative law and prepare for leadership positions in the public sector. Among other things, the program prepares students to contribute to the development of efficient public services, which are fundamental to a stable and functional democracy.

Master's degree

Available at Sveti Nikole and Bitola.

Following global trends in training professionals in public and state administration, the Faculty of Law at the International Slavic University has identified the inevitable and essential need to introduce a specialized study program that offers students the opportunity to acquire extensive professional knowledge and skills in this field, as well as to apply them in practice.

Through the courses in the program, we enable students to develop a deep understanding of the legal and administrative frameworks that govern the public sector, not only in our country but also across Europe. This knowledge is crucial for those planning a career in international organizations or in domestic institutions that collaborate with European partners.

The Administrative Law and Public Administration program is designed for students who wish to continue their legal education and specialize in a specific legal profession. Upon completion of the program, students earn 60 ECTS credits.

From the elective courses, only one course is selected per semester.

Besides successfully passing the required courses, to earn the necessary number of credits, students are obligated to prepare a master’s thesis and successfully defend it, as a prerequisite for completing their studies and obtaining the professional title of Master of Laws in Administrative Law and Public Administration.

Study Program
one - year degree program


  • EU Administrative Law

    8 ECTS

  • Public Administration

    8 ECTS

  • Local Government

    8 ECTS

  • Theory and Control Systems

    6 ECTS

  • Public Service Management

    6 ECTS

  • Anti-Corruption Law

    6 ECTS


  • Academic Writing

    8 ECTS

  • EU Institutions

    8 ECTS

  • Master's Thesis

    8 ECTS

  • Administrative Procedures

    6 ECTS


  • Administrative Culture and Ethics

    6 ECTS


Candidates who have completed the first cycle of studies with 240 ECTS credits (equivalent to four-year studies) are eligible to enroll in the second cycle of studies.

Our program also welcomes applications from students of other accredited faculties, graduates, and foreign nationals.

We admit candidates without the need for entrance exams, making the application process simpler and more accessible.

for admission

When applying for admission to the master’s program from outside the Republic of North Macedonia, students are required to prepare the following documents:

  • Higher Education Diploma (certified with an Apostille Stamp or a stamp from the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs for countries not members of the Hague Convention);
  • Transcript of Records or Diploma Supplement;
  • Decision from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of North Macedonia for the recognition of the diploma for completed higher education (our university offers assistance in obtaining this document);
  • Birth Certificate;
  • Certificate of Citizenship;
  • 4 passport-size color photographs.

The application documents should be submitted to the International Slavic University:

  • in Sveti Nikole, located at Marshal Tito No. 77 – 2220 Sveti Nikole, Republic of North Macedonia or
  • in Bitola, located at Novachki Pat No. 16 – 7000 Bitola, Republic of North Macedonia.


For international students, the tuition fee is EUR 2030 per year. International students are required to pay the full amount of the yearly tuition fee at the beginning of the academic year.

For more information please visit the Tuition Fees page.

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