The Office of Student Affairs, as it says in its name, exists to answer any questions students need. At the time of enrollment, the student makes contact with this Office by submitting all necessary enrollment documents.

Students evaluated this service as very motivating because of the expressive communication skills and professional attitude to work, the principles, the consistency, warmth and democratic attitude in particular timely fulfillment of all the requirements and needs of students.

Students can request different types of documents through this service, such as full-time/part-time student attestation, partial exam pass, full pass exam, exam or reschedule requirements, free working days due to exam or a diploma thesis, certificate of work abroad, application for passing exams, semester certification, etc.

The Office of Student Affairs will be a service that you will have the most contacts while studying and therefore, we, as a university, pay close attention to this particular service. Kindness and communication skills are the main characteristics that we seek in our employees so the students can feel comfortable during their studies.

Working hours

The working hours of the Office of Student Affairs is in coordination with the working hours of the University, from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:00 and Saturday from 09:00 to 14:00.

Main activity

The main activity of the Office of Student Affairs is to offer high quality student services for current students of first and second cycle, to correspond to current, prospective and already graduated students, to be responsive to the demands of students, to help and suggest coordination of the schedules of the faculties, to timely inform students of any useful information about their studies, to guide the major books and maintain the records of students at first and second cycle.

Also, through this service, tuition payments can be made directly at the faculty with a card, or students receive a free payment slip to make a payment in a bank. The students can check their files at the office of student affairs and this service is also free of charge. This service also provides information on the availability of professors and reports changes in the schedule of lectures and exams during the day.