The University has over 100 events annually across various cities in the fields of culture, art, music, literature, sports, science and etc., financed on their own. The University offers its students and other citizens a wide range of events such as concerts, exhibitions, film and theater festivals, sports competitions, book promotions …

The events are a key part of the university’s work, as it strengthens the university’s reputation as well as the university spirit.

This department prepares the annual event plan, submits a budget proposal for each event separately, coordinates all departments to organize the events and makes a plan for their organization.

In collaboration with the Marketing and PR sector, the Event Center works on event promotion planning, target audiences, goals and invitations delivery. Upon completion of the event in the form of reports, the benefits of the event’s organization, advantages, and disadvantages are analyzed and suggestions for future improvements are made.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in activities, both in quantity and quality, as work has significantly improved compared to the previous period. In terms of evaluating the performance of this service, students rated it with the highest grade, which entitles the future number of employees to be increased in order to stimulate even better quality and better work in this extremely important sector.