Vice-rector for Education

The Vice-Rector for Education at ISU has the following job responsibilities:

  • Coordinates the teaching process in cooperation with the Deans and Vice-Deans for education.
  • Organizes the teaching process in accordance with the rules and in accordance with the obtained accreditation.
  • Coordinates the higher education and the science and research activities of ISU.
  • Organizes the process of accreditation of the study programs of all cycles.
  • Implements the decisions and conclusions of the Senate.
  • Puts forward the proposal of the academic calendar.
  • Monitors and solves the problems that occur during the teaching process in cooperation with the teaching coordinator.
  • Provides support for the improvement of the teaching process and organizes trainings for enhancing the quality in teaching.
  • Approves the academic calendar and the schedule of activities.
  • Coordinates the ECTS System and takes care of its proper implementation at all faculties.
  • Submits reports to the Rector and to the Board of Directors regarding each semester of the teaching process.
  • Participates in creating the regulations related to teaching process, exams and assessment.
  • Takes part in other activities on request of the Rector