Today the Marketing Department is like an extension of the Brand Management Department. It takes the basic idea, elaborates it and places it where it is likely to succeed.

The Marketing Department is very important and crucial to the growth of the university. Since the department has been opened in 2013, the university’s growth rate has increased. The Marketing Department is equipped with up-to-date software, cameras, lighting equipment, stabilizers, and is also subscribed to more graphic design and videography websites to keep up with the latest trends and create up-to-date electronic and print content. media. Basically, this department has been equipment at the production house level.

The Marketing Department prepares photos and video ads, sometimes on its own, but sometimes with the help of other productions. The work of this sector is fully connected and committed to fulfilling the mission and vision of the university and plays a key role in the way the university is presented to the public.

The Marketing Department makes an annual plan of promotional activities and campaigns, and in conjunction with the Event Management Center, coordinates promotional events that would take place during that time. After making a plan for the annual campaign, the marketing department prepares the necessary photos and videos, and the IT department receives a brochure, flyer, and so on. Once the design is done, the Public Relations Department publish it online, and the printing house within the ISU prepares the printout.

Communication between these departments is always two-way communication. Marketing Department, the IT Department, the PR Department and the publishing house are interconnected and interdependent. Research conducted in 2018 shown that these departments are a good example of good horizontal communication in ISU.

In addition to the creative part, the Marketing Department also conducts analysis, monitors competition and makes a comparison of our market position, measures the impact of activities, gives suggestions and directions for improving advertising activities. The role of the staff in this department is also to assist in designing the university website and its content, presenting the university on social networks, presenting the benefits of studying at ISU etc.