The Human Resource Center takes care of ISU employees, participates in employment policy making, employee career management, training, and more.

The HR Center also fosters the creation of a quality organizational culture, where productivity, quality and positive moods are in place. Positive attitude of employees is crucial for the work of ISU, as its employees also act as motivators for students in order to develop their careers and enhance their opportunities.

The center is focused on achieving the goals and vision of the University through continuous training and training of staff. Sometimes training is organized within the university, but sometimes our staff members are sent to advanced training at home and abroad in order to acquire new skills that will help them develop their talents and become better at the work they do.

All human resources at the university go through the human resources center, as it actually evaluates the extent to which a particular person is eligible to become part of our team.

Based on the analysis and evaluations, the Human Resources Center proposes employees for remuneration.

As the university has grown and evolved, but with the new legislative changes, the workload in this sector has increased significantly.

The Human Resource Center is currently working on a new network, the ISU Intranet, which would connect and unite all staff at the university. Here, each employee would have their own profile, setting goals in the work and the ways in which they plan to reach them. Once the Human Resources Center has processed this data, it could make a plan to educate and train employees who would like to advance in the workplace.