The Info Center provides support to the students every working day from 08:00 to 15:00 and on Saturdays from 09:00 to 14:00. Its main task is to provide information accurately and quickly so that students can obtain the required data without delays. The Info Center has three hotlines, its own email address and manages the university’s social media inboxes.

The University, above all, promotes education accessible to everyone. Availability also means that academic and administrative staff should be available to students. Students can get in touch in a number of ways:

  • They write to the e-mails of the University and administrative and academic staff,
  • Hold telephone conversations with the University staff and administrative and academic staff,
  • Contact us via social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

Although all information is available online, if the student has questions, the university always strives to answer. Sometimes, students reach out to professors through the Info Center and the Info Center plays the role of mediator. Students write or call the Info Center, then the center collects the necessary data and gives feedback to the students.