Rector’s Board is comprised of the Rector, Vice-Rectors, Deans of the faculties and the Directors of higher vocational schools, the Directors of accredited scientific institutions and а student representative who is elected by the Students Parliament at ISU.

Rector’s Board is managed by the Rector.

The Secretary General of ISU participates in the operation of Rector’s Board but without the right to decide.  Rector’s Board performs the activities within its competencies at sessions. The meetings at the Rector’s Board are public. The Rector’s Board may hold solemn sessions on the occasion of anniversaries, celebrations and other occasions.

The member of the Rector’s Board is obliged to be present at the sessions held by the Board and to participate in its operation. The Rector of ISU convenes the sessions of the Rector’s Board manages their work and takes care of their progress. In the absence of the Rector, one of the Vice-Rectors, authorized by the Rector, convenes and manages the session at Rector’s Board.

The Rector of ISU convenes the sessions at Rector’s Board on his/her own initiative or at the request of the Board of Directors of one of the Faculties at ISU, or at the request of a member of Board.

Rector’s Board adopts general acts, decisions, conclusions, recommendations, takes a stand regarding certain questions, and gives proposals and opinions at its sessions. Rector’s Board can operate if more than half of the total number of the members of the Rector’s Board are present at the session.

The decisions of the Rector’s Board are made by the majority vote of the present members of Rector’s Board. The Rector is obliged to formulate the proposal that is being voted on and to announce what decision has been made after the voting. The accepted formulation of the decision is recorded into the minutes. The decisions made at the meeting of Rector’s Office are signed by the Rector and approved by the Board of Directors. Decisions enter into force on the day of their adoption.  An appeal can be submitted against the decisions of Rector’s Office within 8 days from the day of its adoption. The decision of the Board of Directors is final.

Vice-Rector for teaching at International Slavic University, Prof. Ivan Efremovski, PhD