IT Center is a service that provides all administrative services and operates in its departments in the campuses in Sveti Nikole and Bitola.

Information Center at ISU is one of the main moving forces of the university and enables it rapidly to achieve its set goals.  The Center covers various areas of the university.

Firstly, it builds and upgrades the electronic systems of ISU. It is responsible for creating email addresses of the employed, designing the image of the web page of ISU and posting some of the pieces of information. Also, it follows the latest trends of web design and implements new solutions in order to enhance the image of the university.

Information Center provides all digital solutions that are available to the students and the university staff.

 The students evaluated this service with very high points, primarily due to the professional approach of the staff and their daily electronic communication with the students.

The fact that all information is available online causes great student satisfaction with this department. A large percentage of students of ISU travel and are not from Sveti Nikole or Bitola and the availability of information online is a key factor for the level of student satisfaction with studying at ISU.