Students can find information of any kind on the E-learning system at the International Slavic University. All books or scripts required during the course of study can be downloaded from the E-Learning site at no cost.

Presentations used during lectures are also available on the site and can be downloaded, which is very easy for part-time students. Seminar topics, preparatory questions for the colloquium and exam are also available as well as templates for seminar, graduate and master theses. Schedules for exam sessions are also regularly published before each exam session, as well as lecture notices (postponement, rescheduling, etc.)

The E-learning system currently has around 3,000 active users logging in daily with the index number as a username.

Logging in can also be done via a mobile phone, and any changes to the lecture or exam are notified to the students via their smartphone notification. Each subject of the study program has its own page with an explanation of the subject, information about the professor who teaches it, and certainly the materials for it. Currently the number of such pages or subjects is over 560. Materials for such subjects as scripts or books number around 200 available, as well as presentations where there are at least 10 subject presentations for the first and second colloquium, so we are talking about 6000 presentations from different fields.

The E-learning system is very useful for all students because it has all the information available in one place and electronically, without the need for phone calls or unnecessary expenses for attending college when there are no lectures.

The information on the site is updated daily with the changes made by the professors. The old materials are replaced with new ones, both electronically and in our university bookstore.

Students who have trouble logging in to the system immediately contact technical support and the problem is resolved as soon as possible. Technical support is available full time every day from 08:00 to 15:00.

The level of information available in the system is high, but  certainly, in the future they will be updated daily depending on the requirements of the students.

For instructions on how to use or report E-learning errors, you can contact the service for faster troubleshooting, as well as suggestions for future work. However, if students prefer, they may complete an online survey or report errors through the site’s properly designated field.