Positive Student Experiences – The satisfaction of our students from the study process is our top priority. Through our model of studying we strive to provide positive experiences for our students.

An environment that inspires learning through experience – by providing a wide range of experiences and practical assignments throughout the studying process, we strive to provide for our students an environment in which they can perfect their desired skills both in and out of the academic process.

Knowledge and Idea Transfer – as part of our vision, we want to unite ideas, knowledge, and cultures from the East and West, in order to create a unique academic environment that learns from all but also encourages the sharing and transfer of knowledge and ideas on multiple levels.

Real and Virtual Campuses – create contemporary campuses that enable seamless learning. We support all ways of learning – not only in the classroom, but also outside of it, including digital platforms.

National and International Success – as a university operating in two areas, we would like to become an institution that is known for achievements of national and international importance.

Improving Morale – through various activities we want to create a sense of belonging and pride among students (sports events, competitions, student clubs, summer schools, opportunities for practical work at the university)