Our university is a crossroad where the knowledge of the East and the West is united and shared in order establish universal academic standards, offer quality higher education and scientific activity through contemporary curricula for alumni that will be ready for the global labor market.

The vision of ISU is to contribute to the development of social, cultural and economic potential and to become a recognizable brand in the field of education in the Republic of North Macedonia by building modern educational scientific infrastructure.

By publishing scholar articles, the ISU aims to stimulate the motivation, originality and creativity of the teaching staff, and in the same time to offer its students contemporary publications, and contents that are in line with the European and world trends in the field of education.

The ISU pays special attention to the organization of international conferences, forums, round tables, panel discussions in which domestic and foreign recognized scholars, experts, and students take part in order to exchange experiences, knowledge and skills, application of modern scientific technologies and in the direction of expanding the already concluded agreements for cooperation with more scientific institutions, exchange and mobility of students, academic staff and incentives to increase the development of experiences and knowledge in the field of education, and to apply modern scientific technologies.