The mission of the International Slavic University is to be a regional center where significant academic and cultural developments happen, be an academic environment that offers quality and accessible to all higher education, in a pleasant, fair and transparent studying process that unites ideas from all over the world.

Therefore, our university:

  • is a regional center of significant academic and cultural developments;
  • is an academic environment that offers outstanding and accessible for all higher education;
  • strives toward a pleasant, fair and transparent studying process;
  • endorses an original model of active mentoring study that brings together ideas from all over the world;
  • is an environment where culture, freedom of speech and creativity are nurtured;
  • strives to inspire change, research and innovation and
  • is a socially responsible institution that strives to provide equal rights for everyone.

Furthermore, part of ISU’s mission is to offer quality education and scientific activity through a modern curriculum that will contribute to the creation of educational staff that will be upgraded with knowledge, skills and competencies appropriate with the needs of the domestic and global labor market.

The ISU strives to create a bridge of dialogue between cultures and knowledge from the East and the West in order to establish high academic standards in teaching and science, to introduce quality teaching and work by linking theory with practice, and all that by keeping pace with the economics of knowledge.