итар пејо

22 July 2020

Caricature and aphorism competition on the topic “Me, Itar Pejo (Sly Peter)”

The Institute of Culture and Art at the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” – Sveti Nikole has announced: The Second International COMPETITION for CARICATURE AND […]
28 October 2017

Assigned the awards from the contest “Me, Itar Pejo”

On October 27, 2017, starting at 19:00 in the premises of International Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin “in Bitola, the participants of the Competition for caricature, […]
1 March 2017

Competition for caricature, humor and aphorism on the topic “Me, Itar Pejo”

Awarded participants at the Competition for caricature, humor and aphorism “ME, Itar Pejo”. The awarding commissions for the Caricature Contest, Humor and Aphorism Competition “Me, Itar […]