Competition for caricature, humor and aphorism on the topic “Me, Itar Pejo”

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27 February 2017
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3 March 2017

Competition for caricature, humor and aphorism on the topic “Me, Itar Pejo”

Awarded participants at the Competition for caricature, humor and aphorism “ME, Itar Pejo”.

The awarding commissions for the Caricature Contest, Humor and Aphorism Competition “Me, Itar Pejo” held a meeting on September 13, 2017 (Wednesday), starting at 11:00 am, was held a meeting announcing the participants from the Competition. The awards will be presented at a ceremony that will be held on October 27, 2017, starting at 19:00 hours at the Ministry of Education in Bitola. The commissions worked in the following composition:

Presitent – Ivan Bojadziski

Commission for caricature:
1. Jordan Pop Iliev, President
2. Jordan Gjorchev, member
3. Hasan Fazlic (Bosnia and Herzegovina), member

Commission for aphorism:
1. Mile Gjorgjioski, President
2. Ivan Bojadziski, member
3. Igor Damjanovic (Serbia), member

Commission for humor:
1. Hristo Petreski, President
2. Trajche Kacarov, member
3. Vasil Tocinovski, member

Winners of awards

1. Caricature awards

From the received caricatures of 78 authors from all over the world, three main and seven special awards were awarded:

First prize – Miro Georgievski, Macedonia

Second prize – Goran Čeličanin, Serbia

Third prize – Mehmed Karaman, Turkey

Special award for painting and graphic design: Kristina Aleksandarski

Special awards:
1. Valeks Aleksandrov, Bulgaria
2. Vladimir Kazanjevski, Ukraine
3. Huls Hunisik, Austria
4. Sergei Samanduev, Ukraine
5. Slobodan Butir, Croatia
6. Lujs Postrum, Austria
7. Erdogan Bosol, Turkey

2. Awards for aphorism

From the received aphorisms of 49 authors, three main and six special awards were awarded:

First prize – Vasil Tolevski, Macedonia
Second prize – Vitomir Dolinski, Macedonia
Third prize – Rade Gjergovic, Serbia

Special awards:
1. Natasha Kourchiska, Macedonia
2. Ninus Nestorovic, Serbia
3. Bratislav Kostadinov, Macedonia
4. Ljupco Siljanovski, Macedonia
5. Marjan Angelovski, Macedonia
6. Zoran T. Popovic, Serbia

3. Humor Awards

From the received aphorisms of 30 authors, three main and three special awards were awarded:

First prize – Tomislav Drvar, Serbia
Second prize – Angelina Laposka, Macedonia
Third prize – Vladislav Vlahovic, Montenegro

Special awards:
1. Gabriela Stojanoska, Macedonia
2. Suzana Georgeska, Macedonia

Apart from the main awards, the commissions decided to give special awards to some of the students at the competition, which will be announced on the day of awarding the awards.

Thank you for submitting your materials to the Itar Pejo Festival!


The Institute of Culture at the International Slavic University “Gavrilo Romanovich Derzhavin” from Sveti Nikole announces:

Calls for

Theme: “Me, Itar Peyo” and a free theme


For the caricature


·       Size of the caricature: А3 or А4

Each author can participate with an unlimited number of caricaures

·        On the background of the cartoon the author should put his info



Golden Plaquette and 500 Euro

· Silver plaquette and 400 euros

· Bronze plaquette and 300 euros

For Humor


·     The length of the text is two pages

· Each author can participate with only one humor

· The works should be signed by the author




· Golden Plaquette and 400 Euros

· Silver plaquette and 300 euros

· Bronze plaquette and 200 euros

For aphorism


A series of 10 to 15 aphorisms

·      Each author can participate in one series of aphorisms

·        The name of the author should be on the document




Golden Plaquette and 300 Euros

· Silver plaquette and 200 euros

· Bronze plaquette and 100 euros


All materials should be originals and previously unpublished.
Along with the materials, a short biography of the author should also be sent.
All submitted works remain in the ownership of the festival, and the organizer has the right to publish and exhibit them.

DEADLINE: The authors should submit their works no later than: 14.06.2017.

ADDRESS: The materials should be sent exclusively by mail at the address: st.“Marshal Tito” no. 77, Sveti Nikole, 2220, R. Macedonia.

Macedonian version of the competition
English version of the competition


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